Great Loop Navigation Notes
"Directions for cruising the Great Loop"
Recent users of Great Loop Navigation Notes wrote the following:-

We really use your Great Loop Navigation Notes each and every day.
We find them to be the most useful $75 we have spent on navigation
Henry Quigley,  Conroe,  TX.

I've finally had the chance to look through the book and I must say it is
fantastic!  It's put together in a very organized manner and the information is
exactly what any looper needs.  Thank you for your hard work in providing
such a wealth of knowledge in such a well thought out format.
Ed Luallen,   SV  Other Woman

We purchased your book last year and just wanted to let you know how
invaluable your book has been to us on the trip.  We really found your book
helpful in the Georgian Bay and we keep it at the helm at all times.  So easy
to follow.   Thanks for a job well done.
Colby & Renee Mosier,  Brown Eyed Girl

I just wanted to let you know that, as new boaters having started from
Canada, your Navigation Notes have been a lifesaver for us! We know
nothing and your notes, tips, suggestions and direction have been
irreplaceable for us. Many, many thanks!
Glenda Warn, Saoirse

We have just completed the Great Loop.  We bought your book and had it
with us the whole way.  We liked your format and found the book very
helpful during the whole trip.
John & Barbara Lyon,    Sea Lyon

We have used your superb Navigation Notes!
We found them very helpful, also we felt safer cruising using your guide
allowing us to enjoy the trip even more.
Fran Johnson  .

..and finally:
I bought a set of your notes months ago. I have started the loop and they
went over board yesterday. Please let me know how soon you can ship
another set to Lawrence E. Grumboski, Montgomery, IL
I then cruised the Great Loop
again and again, updating
and refining ‘notes’ along the

I have now completed the
Great Loop four times and
started on the fifth!

As a US Coast Guard licensed captain, I know this book will be of
great value to you on your trip and look forward to receiving your
More information
I originally compiled
Great Loop Navigation Notes
for my own use, then tested
and verified their accuracy by
actually cruising the
Great Loop.

$75  ($8.00 postage)